GO Creator: Party Time Extension Notice
Hi, Blockman GO players and creators, we are glad that we have received a lot of great games in the recent GO Creator: Party Time Contest, and to ensure that these games go live properly, we are doing the final check before the games go live with very strict criteria, which may take some time. So all the games of this contest will be available on Blockman GO on October 13, we are very much looking forward to the day when these excellent works can be experienced by players! At the same time, we will announce all the winners on October 25, thanks again to all the players and creators, for their patience and support!
Join Blockman GO this summer and let us enjoy a memorable party together! With the theme being "Party Games", let the players around the world join your unique party and start a revelry! Whether it's Space Cowboy themed,Candy Castle themed,Forest Shoot-out themed,or Horror Escape themed,as long as it's in line with the theme and a fitting playstyle, you will have a chance to win generous prizes and in-game costume rewards from the tournament. What are you waiting for? We can't wait to see your awesome creations!
Develop your game, release it inside the editor and fill out the submission information on the event page. Wait for the game to pass the review (up to 5 business days)! If the game doesn't pass, please polish it until it does.
Games that have passed the review will be open for all players to test and play, and the in-game data obtained from the players will be used to calculate the Game Data Score.
Your final score will be the sum of the Product Quality Score and Game Data Score. Continuously polish your game to achieve higher scores and win prizes!
GO Creator: Party Time 延期通知
Hi,Blockman GO 的玩家和创作者们,很高兴我们在近期的 GO Creator: Party Time 中收到了相当多的优秀作品,为保证这些游戏的正常上线,我们正以非常严格的标准进行游戏上线前最后的检查,这需要额外花费一段时间。这次比赛中通过审核的游戏将会于10月13日在Blockman GO 中正式发布体验,我们非常期待这些优秀作品上线的那天。同时,我们将于10月25日公布所有获奖名次,再次感谢所有玩家和创作者们的耐心等待与支持
今年夏天加入 Blockman GO,让我们一起度过一个难忘的派对! 以“派对游戏” 为主题,让世界各地的玩家加入你的独特派对,开始狂欢吧! 无论是太空牛仔主题、糖果城堡主题、森林枪战主题还是恐怖逃生主题,只要符合主题和合适的游戏风格,您就有机会获得丰厚的奖品和游戏内的服装。赶紧参加比赛吧! 我们迫不及待地想看到您的精彩创作!
使用 Blockman Editor 制作并发布你 的游戏,发布后提交游戏信息。等待游 戏获得批准(最多5个工作日)!在此 阶段,评审团将根据游戏质量对游戏进行评分。
Blockman GO 并开放给所有玩家,玩家在游戏产生的游戏数据将用于计算游戏数据分数。